Our story

Silver Emporium has been considered the largest silver company in the Caribbean, being the platform of Mexican designers to show the world their love and passion for their traditions and roots.

The history of the iconic Silver Emporium jewelry goes back 15 years.

Its beginnings dates back when it was originally called Alexandra at that time, feminine name that evoked to the jewels that were displayed in the counters of the store. At that time the jewelry was underneath where the restaurant Pepe's is now located.

Over the years the Becerra family decided to venture into the souvenirs and handicrafts market, so Alexandra Jewelry would then become Three Shop Emporium dividing it into three different stores alluding to the line of products they sold: T-shirts, art-crafts and jewelry. This new change would bring a new location, so it was strategically decided to place it next to the Museum of the Island of Cozumel. This new facet entailed the exploration of new markets and the risk that any undertaking could represent. As a result, two of the stores of the Three Shop Emporium brand's, onyx tents and handicrafts store suffered the low demand on their products and were forced to be closed despite efforts to keep them active.

The Becerra family understood with these eventualities that in business it is better to make drastic decisions at the right times and that it is a sign of strength to recognize when it is time to change for the better. However, this event was nothing more than a new facet in his business history; remaining with only the jewelry stores he decides that the name is no longer appropriate and from that time, and up to today it remains with the current name of Silver Emporium.

Silver Emporium is empowered by all the experience that its founders acquired over the years, so Don Pepe Becerra envisions a jewelry chain under the same name and opens several shops on the main avenue of the Island, Av. Rafael E. Melgar and in the commercial square of Puerta Maya Cruise Terminal and SSA International Pier.